Safety is Priority #1

NTP’s safety and health goal is ZERO INCIDENTS

Our Current (EMR) is 0.83

Our safety vision is for employees to:

Non-Typical Pipeline has a strong safety culture based on understanding, experience and comprehensive training. Safety is a combined effort of every NTP craftsman and management.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. From our CEO to our craftsmen, we are dedicated to a continuously improving safety culture. Safety will not be compromised for either profit or production. We believe all incidents are preventable. We will never be satisfied with our safety performance.

Why Safety is so important to us?

NTP’s most important asset is our people; employees and customers. We care about every individual’s safety and health. We are committed to providing our employees and clients with a safe work environment.

NTP has a number of safety training programs:

  • Daily safety meetings
  • Risk management programs to review and identify unsafe behaviors and reinforce safe practices
  • Annual safety workshops
  • Comprehensive safety training including first aid, CPR, defensive driving and hazard alert
  • Job safety analysis (JSA) program
  • Behavior-based safety (BBS) program
  • Golden Shovel
  • 281-622-5002


  • 418 FM 2025 / Cleveland, TX 77328

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Our vision at NTP is to create a workplace that is safe, constructive, and cost efficient for the customer, company and employees.

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